Introducing the Origami board cover

The Origami board cover by Færd is a new concept. An eco-friendly, biodegradable, social responsible and multipurpose board cover. Designed to transport and protect one to three boards of different shapes.


3 Sizes

S for boards up to 5´8 foot
M for boards up to 7’5 foot
L for boards up to 9´6 foot


Allows you to use the same cover as a day bag or travel bag. Depending
on the shape and size of your boards you can fit up to 3 boards,
or 2 boards with the fins on facing opposite directions. The Origami board
cover is easy to adjust providing a tight fit for every board.

Unfolded you can use your board cover to relax on the beach, as a blanket
or sleeping matt, as a wind shield if you are camping or…
your imagination is the limit.


Shock absorbing coolness

The padding of the Origami board cover is made of coconut fibers, called
coir, and natural latex. The rubberized coir has great shock absorbing
qualities and at the same time it will keep your board cool as the
rubberized coir insulates and allows air flow.

The Origami board cover is made of 100 % biodegradable materials. If you
forget it in the woods, it will become one with nature.


Fabrics: 100 % organic GOTS certified cotton duck canvas.
Padding: GOTS certified organic coir fibers and natural latex, 100 %
biodegradable. The coir is a material gained from the wastes of the food
Rope and thread: GOTS organic cotton rope, GOTS certified organic cotton thread.
Dyed and coated according to Oeko-tex standards in situ at the Dibella
factory in India.


Made in India

To minimize transports and pollution we have chosen to work with Dibella factory in Bangalore, India.
Dibella delivers the fabrics and takes care of the dyeing and manufacturing of our products.
Read more about how Dibella works for the enviroment here.