The Færd story

Færd is a company looking to the future, striving to create gear that minimizes the ecological impact. With a concept firmly rooted in a minimalistic Nordic design, a back to the basics philosophy and an urge to create gear that allows us to keep doing what we love in an eco-friendlier way. That’s what we mean with conscious gear.

Færd was founded in 2017 by three friends who all share a passion for the outdoors and an active lifestyle. Growing up in different parts of the world but sharing a commitment for nature they have learned to respect it from early age. Fredrik Mollqvist and Knut Rehnberg are raised at the coastal town of Stenungsund in the Swedish West coast. Alvaro Susena is born and raised in Uruguay. While Fredrik and Knut discovered boardsports in their teenage, Alvaro was riding horses in the grass covered vast lands of South America.

Surfing in the Swedish West Coast finally brought them together as they became of age (but never grew up). With a background in surfing, skiing, snowboarding, climbing, skateboarding and mountainbiking, both as athletes and working in the industry, the three founders of Færd have a great combined experience relating to the materials, production and practical use of modern sport gear.

“We wanted to create our own brand focusing on what we think matters. To make reliable and functional gear, but doing so while taking socially and environmentally responsibility”, CEO Knut Rehnberg says.

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